About Ravi Hospital

About Ravi Hospital


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Comfort, Compassion. Warmth. Empathy. Not mere words but the cornerstones of a philosophy that has become a way of life at Ravi Hospital. Directing all our activities, dictating all our actions. And ensuring that care complements the process of the cure.

We believe we have a responsibility towards bringing the finest in Medicare to all the people. To earn the trust and confidence of patients in the battle against ill-health. To offer theme a ray of hope in the gloom of illness and disease.

Because we believe our major achievement is placing a patient back in the warm embrace of loved ones. And our greatest reward is the happy, relieved smile on all their faces.


A Caring Attitude

Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital

Ravi Hospital, one of the leading health care providers located in the heart of Kukatpally, offers international standard services at its modern facility. Ravi Hospital is a Multi-Speciality Hospital in Kukatpally, Hyderabad with State-of-the-art equipment & instruments and boasting impressive infrastructure comprising Emergency, ICU, Deluxe, Single AC, Non-AC, Double/Triple Sharing Rooms and General Wards with round-the-clock Intensivist and specialist doctors, well-trained and experienced paramedical staff as well as 24hrs Ambulance, Pharmacy and Diagnostics Laboratory Services.

ICU the Epitome of Care

People with life-threatening injuries and illnesses need critical care. Critical care involves close, constant attention by a team of specially-trained health professionals. It usually takes place in an Intensive Care Unit(ICU) or trauma center. Problems that might need critical care treatment include complications from surgery, accidents, infections and severe breathing problems.

Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital

Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital

Ravi Hospital, with its expert team of Intensive (Critical Care Team), provides round-the-clock coverage. Their expertise and continuous presence allow early recognition of subtle, but significant, changes in patient conditions, thereby preventing worsening conditions and minimizing complications that arise from critical illness. Supporting them in this endeavor are sophisticated equipment and the latest techniques to offer patients the finest medical attention and care to alleviate their suffering. Patients are assured of top quality medical treatment, augmented by that unmistakable touch of caring, to ensure that they are well on the road to recovery at the earliest.

Understanding that specialized medical procedures impose various demands on a health care facility, Ravi Hospital’s Operation Theater is equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter system to provide the best protection from infection and contamination by airborne microorganisms.

Ceiling mounted HEPA modules are installed to deliver clean and filtered air at all times, thereby ensuring the highest quality of air cleanliness and safeguarding the life and health of both the patients and medical practitioners.

Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital
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